Where To Stream Planet Earth 2?

With more than 6 million people streaming Planet Earth 2 and the show’s viewership growing by 4% every day, it has been a hit among many. Now with Season 3 across its way this year, there is no better time to introduce yourself to the world of BBC nature documentaries or get into one of your favorite stories from around the globe. If you’re still new to catching up on all things Planet Earth, here are some great places for you!

How do you get Discovery Plus?

You can get Discovery Plus by going to the app store on your PS4 and searching for Discovery Plus or you can go to https://www.discoveryplus.com/ and create an account there.

How can I watch Discovery Plus for free?

You can watch Discovery Plus for free by signing up for a trial account. This will give you access to all the shows and movies on the Discovery Plus website.

How can I watch BBC 2 in the US?

BBC 2 is a British television channel that broadcasts in the United Kingdom. It is not available to watch in the US, but you can use a VPN or Smart DNS proxy service to unblock it and watch it on your TV.

How do I watch BBC Earth live on Sony TV?

BBC Earth is a UK-based television channel that broadcasts live from the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Sony does not have any plans to add BBC Earth as an app on their TV service.

Where do I watch round planet?

Round Planet is a show on YouTube. You can watch it on the official channel, or you can subscribe to their channel and get notifications when they upload new episodes.

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