What Is Dragon Effective Against?

The dragon is a mythological creature in many cultures, believed to have the ability to breathe fire. It has appeared as a symbol of power and strength throughout history, most notably on flags. The more recent version of this image comes from Eastern culture where it was depicted with wings and horns.

What is Dragon good against?

Dragon is a good weapon against any enemy that has a shield. Its also good against enemies that have a helmet, but its not as effective as the other weapons.

Why is dragon type so good?

Dragon type is a very versatile type. It has the potential to be good in many different situations, and it can also cover up weaknesses of other types.

What is AXEW evolution?

AXEW is a Pokémon that evolves from the starter Eevee. It evolves into one of three different types, depending on what stone it holds. The stones are called Power, Voltage, and Dynamo.

Is Draco Meteor better than roar of time?

Draco Meteor is a Dragon-type move that hits the target with a powerful blast of fire. It has a high critical hit ratio and does not require charging. Roar of Time, on the other hand, is a Normal-type move that creates an explosion around the users body. It can be charged for more power, but it has less accuracy and takes longer to charge than Draco Meteor.

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