What Is Minecraft Spigot?

Minecraft is an open-world game that allows players to build with a variety of materials. Spigot is the software used by Minecraft servers, which helps manage and maintain server plugins. The spigot API provides information on what happened when using commands like /ban or /kick, in addition to providing access to other features available via… Continue reading What Is Minecraft Spigot?

What Is Entei Weak Against?

Every new game has a Pokémon. Sometimes it’s the starter, other times its a more powerful version of an old favorite. Every game needs something to fight against and this week we’re diving into what makes certain Pokémon so tough- Entei! How do you counter dialga? Dialga is a dragon type pokemon that has the… Continue reading What Is Entei Weak Against?

What Is Bungie?

Bungie’s success with the Halo franchise is attributed to its ability to offer an online multiplayer experience. It was one of the first companies to take advantage of consoles’ network connectivity, and has since been a pioneer in integrating online services into games. What is Bungie famous for? Bungie is a video game developer and… Continue reading What Is Bungie?