Opening (November 6th- December 7th): Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art- Jordan Sullivan

Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art is opening with a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based photographer  Jordan Sullivan called ‘The Young Earth & An Island In The Moon’ on November 6th. This is the gallery’s first solo exhibition of Sullivan’s photography and the inaugural exhibition in a series of four for Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art at Site 109, located at 109 Norfolk Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The exhibition will also open with a book launch by the artist.

(Lonesome Gods, from The Young Earth 2013 24×36 inches Edition of 3 plus 2 AP)

The Young Earth follows two Americans in their twenties, one of them terminally ill, as they explore idyllic and remote corners of Iceland. Immersing themselves into foreign and wild landscapes, they are forced to confront their own mortality and a past love triangle that briefly disrupted their friendship. One man, leaving behind the ones he loves, faces his impending death and questions about an afterlife, while the other contemplates an uncertain future and loneliness without his best friend. The Young Earth explores how two men attempt to find courage and serenity in the face of oncoming tragedy. The landscape images in the series capture the expansiveness of Iceland’s geography. At the same time, Iceland serves as a literal and metaphorical example of the young earth – it is one of the youngest geological formations on the planet, and also the testing ground for these young men to find themselves. Juxtaposed with these images are voyeuristic portraits depicting moments of indecision, anxiety, wonder, and reflection. The landscapes and portraits act as mirrors of one another, reflecting the history and inner lives of both subjects. The Young Earth gives the viewer the sense of wandering through the private and shared memories of its characters. The Young Earth is a meditation on death, the end of youth, and the beauty and complications that come with love and friendship.

Check out a few preview photos from the exhibition here:

mountain and clouds2













You can buy Jordan Sullivan’s book here


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