The Complete Frida Kahlo exhibition is not what you might expect. While it claims to show all of Frida’s paintings in one space it also notes that “the exhibition features 123 exact replicas of her known paintings in original size and original materials, and hand-painted in the same style in which Kahlo painted them. These replicas, owned by GEP1, are painted by master artists and licensed by ©Banco de Mexico Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo Museums Trust/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2008.”

The exhibition site explains that using reproductions is the only way to have all of Frida’s paintings together in one place, as many are owned by collectors who do not lend them and others cannot leave the museums they are currently in.

While the idea that replicas are being presented in exhibition is making the news, it is really nothing new. A quick search online shows us that there are endless studios that will sell handpainted reproductions at varying prices and even customized sizes to fit your living room. See a selection below:


It is unclear if the image of  Self Portrait 1940 painting above is a reproduction or a photo of the original, all says is “You are viewing a famous oil painting, . The original masterpiece oil painting was painted in 1940. Our artists will meticulously hand paint a reproduction oil painting of Self Portrait by Frida Kahlo detail by detail, color by color as close to the original oil painting as possible. Our reproduction oil paintings are all hand painted fine art with no printing involved. Don’t settle for a print when a genuine reproduction oil painting will add sophistication to any room and will be admired by many.”


This The Two Fridas, 1939 reproduction is done by


A handmade art reproduction of a Frida Kahlo still life How Beautiful Life is When it Gives Us Its Riches from 1943, from Jacky Gallery (editor’s note: after publishing this post we were contacted by Hans-Jürgen Gehrke from who let us know “First of all, the painting “How Beautiful Life is When it Gives Us Its Riches from 1943″ IS NOT by Frida Kahlo, it is a fake. All Frida Kahlo experts know that.” we are not Frida Kahlo experts but thank you for clearing up that this is a reproduction of a real fake)

This Coconut Tears, 1951 painting is a “museum quality oil painting reproduction” by . They made sure to put their info on the image so that their reproduction will not be confused with another reproduction.


This painting reproduction is done by Picture Frame & Oil Painting Direct From China and warns us that there are copyright codes inside.


Self Portrait With Braid, 1941 by Art International Group

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