Creatives on Instagram #1: Michael Schmelling

The kind of photography that I enjoy the most show the individual viewpoint, spirit, and sensibility of the person taking the photos. I love it when I can look at a series of photos by a photographer and can tell that they have a great sense of humor. That is why I really like Instagram – for the most part, the images that come up on my feed are taken in the moment and show personal glimpses into the lives of the people I follow. The subject matter takes precedence over technique and equipment, the playing field is level. It is as honest as you can get. (Minus any filters) I have noticed more and more artists that I admire have been using the product, and I enjoy looking through their streams, showing what they are up to, what they are working on, and even what they had for dinner. Basically, it is a visual diary.

I was originally going to do one blog post about some of my favorite artist-owned instagrams, but as the community has grown, I’ve decided to make it an ongoing feature. The images shown are by New York based photographer, Michael Schmelling, who’s 2011 book Atlanta – about the hip hop scene in Atlanta, Georgia – topped many “Best Photo Books” lists.

@Michael_Schmelling on Instagram

Michael Schmelling

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