Newfoundland Mummers







During the 12 days of Christmas in Newfoundland, the men and women of small fishing outposts throw pillow cases over their heads, disguise their bodies behind scraps of old clothing and go from house to house playing music, singing songs and drinking your rum. The mummer need only reveal themselves to the host if their identity is correctly guessed.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Ah, the Scandinavian practice of Julebukking.

    Between Christmas and New Years Day people wearing masks and costumes (Julebukkers) go door to door, where neighbors receiving them attempt to identify who is under the disguise.

    Julebukkers will often disguise their voices and body language to further the masquerade. Offering people holiday treats and something to drink is customary.

    Once identities are known and the food is eaten the Julebukkers continue to the next home.

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