Featured Photography Portfolio – Ana Cabaleiro

Ana Cabaleiro lives and works in Vigo, Spain.

3 of the last things that have inspired you

1. Watching Gerry, Tropical Malady & The Brown Bunny again

2. cars & caravans

3. Drive by Andrew Bush

3 things on your walls

1. a painting of the País Vasco by a friend

2. a poster of Samara Lubelski/Tara jane O’Neil/Plastic Crimewave Sound by Diana Sudyka

3. a poster of La Colmena with Ana Torrent on a railway line

3 things that you never get sick of

1. Cats

2. Fleetwood Mac

3. Watching photographs of flickr contacts whose work i admire

3 artists who have influenced your development

1. Gus Van Sant

2. Luke Byrne

3. Nuri Bilge ceylan

3 blogs that you follow

1. http://l-oeil-ailleurs.tumblr.com/

2. http://centritis.com/

3. http://www.huhmagazine.co.uk/

3 songs that everyone should listen to

Really hard to choose, the list is endless

1. Sandstorms by Viking Moses

2. Pony’s O.G. by Akron Family

3. It’s so hard by Loren Mazzacane Connors & Kath Bloom

4. Bros by Panda Bear

5……….One fine summer morning by Evie Sands, any Smog/Bill Callahan song, Blackberry Song by Kurt Vile, Miles and miles away by Caethua, I’m Easy by Keith Carradine, any Valerie Webb & Paul Labrecque song, any Keijo song. The Sun was high (so was i) & Dreaming my life away by Best Coast, all Town & Country/Bird Show/The Zoo Wheel stuff, Up the north fork by Pelt, Freight train by Elizabeth Cotten, Where the black bear hides in the sky by Hush Arbors.


3 things that you are looking forward to

1. Taking pictures in Uyuni & Atacama deserts

2. Leica m6

3. A beautiful house with a garden and a pool

3 words that describe your photographs

1. sun

2. was

3. high




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