Andrew Laumann (who has a great interview with Nick Gottlund in our Photo Issue) and I have curated a photograph projection show that will be playing in two different coasts on the same night.


A photograph projection show.

Friday January 22, 2010. Bi-coastal showing in Baltimore and Los Angeles.

Curated by Jennilee Marigomen and Andrew Laumann

Ann Woo

Coley Brown

Daniel Gordon

Jaap Scheeren

James Nizam

Jason Nocito

Jesper Ulvelius

Jérémie Egry

Jinjoo Hwang

Marcelo Gomes

Marlon Rabenreither

Michael E. Northup

Mikaylah Bowman

Misha De Ridder

Nicholas Haggard

Nina Hartmann

Patrick Tsai

Paul Schiek

Sam Falls

Sol Hashemi

Tim Steer

Willa Nasatir

Young Kyu Yoo

Pent House Gallery

Copycat Building

1511 Guildford Avenue, B501

Baltimore, MD


Space 15 Twenty

The Courtyard (Outdoor show)

1520 North Cahuenga Blvd

Los Angeles, CA


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