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  1. Emeute – JSBJ’s Blue Series

    EMEUTE by friend of 01, Andrew Laumann – Who was a part of the 01 Magazine Group Exhibition. 46 pages, Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, Black and White lazer print A original photo print is pasted on the cover (Fujicolor)

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  2. Book of Books

    Book of Books – Miniature Garden Artwork by Ariel Dill and Denise Schatz. Edition of 100. With book photo contributions from: Aiwei Foo, Peter Puklus, Casey Cook, James J. Williams III, Kimm Whiskie, Ashley Neese, Laura Baran, Jason Polan, George

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  3. An Art Service

    Great graphic design and art direction work by An Art Service. The New York City based studio works in publications, branding and websites.

  4. ANPQ v2 / n5

    Can’t wait.

  5. Safari – Anders Edström

    “For most people, looking simply happens. There is a view of downtown Los Angeles from my patio, which I daily admire in a disinterested way. I like how my neighbor’s terracotta roof foregrounds the silhouettes of skyscrapers miles off and

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  6. Power Ballards

    Power Ballads by Ben Rayner Released December 1, 2010 by newly formed Rayner Books. 80 Pages, Recycled Paper Full Colour, A5 Perfect Bound

  7. Nieves for iPhone/iPad

    Zurich based publishing house, Nieves has created an iPhone app where you can download your favorite zines from the Nieves catalog. You can leaf through each zine from front to back, identical to the original, all in a single app

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  8. Reading Room

    Pop up bookshop + reading room by our friends at Ed Varie.

  9. Conundrum Press Book Launch – Montreal, QC

    So I’ve Been Told Maryanna Hardy November 2010 ISBN 1-894994-52-3 / 978-1-894994-52-1 Art / Graphic Novel 96 pages / 5.5×7.75 80 illustrations (16 in colour) $17 This book collects a number of her recent book projects, including Jerry Springer Characters,

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  10. I Forgot To Forget

    I Forgot To Forget – Paul Paper (2010) 16 pages, full colour, digital Edition of 60 Design by Jurgis Griskevicius Printed in Lithuania 12 euros + shipping

  11. New Zines from JSBJ’s Blue Series

    DANS LA CHAMBRE VERTE – Sam Falls (USA) 46 pages, Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, Black and White lazer print A original photo print is pasted on the cover (Fujicolor) Perfect bound Limited and numbered – Printed in France –

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  12. Short Term Deviation – Starts Today!

    Thanks Jesse!