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  1. Peter Shire – Cups

  2. Animations by Jenni Rope

    Tiikerimuuri Kiipeilypuu / The Climbing Tree Yöllä kello kolme “I paint and build to create a world where only my aesthetics apply. I use colours and cut shapes to form living things, angular plants, soft buildings and new natural phenomena.

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  3. Color’d – Jim Mangan

    “One bright summer morning, seven young men and women drive away from the billboards and the traffic jams, the neon chatter and the constant digital stimulation of their lives. After walking deep into the mountains, they abandon their clothing, along

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  4. R.I.P. David Weiss

    R.I.P. David Weiss. All work by influential Swiss artists, Peter Fischli & David Weiss.

  5. David Blaine x Adam Kimmel-Dressed For Dinner

    I think posting this video of magician David Blaine for Adam Kimmel S/S12 is perfectly suiting while I am in Hawaii. Watch David swim with the sharks …

  6. BARTHOLOMEW Show curated by JSBJ at GSB Stockholm

    BARTHOLOMEW March 30 to April 28 . 2012 Gallery Steinsland Berliner Bondegatan 70, 116 33 Stockholm, Sweden Ann Woo Amy Lombard Andreas Banderas Andrew Laumann Aurélien Arbet Brian Khek Daniel Everett David Schoerner Dmytrij Wulffius Flemming Ove Bech Grant Cornett Israel

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  7. Hitchcock’s Definition of Happiness

    Thanks Paul :o)

  8. As It Lays by Alex Israel

    “When you travel, do you take advantage of duty free shopping?” “What are your thoughts on marijuana?” “Who was your favorite Disney princess?” “Do you know how to drive a stick shift?” “What is the foreign language of the future?”

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  9. Documentary: The Jeff Koons Show

    This is a really great documentary on the work of Jeff Koons especially because the artist is also speaking for himself regarding his work, along with his good friend Julian Schnabel, and gallerists and critics closely involved in his art

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  10. The Colourful Mr. Eggleston (2009)

    For the BBC One Imagine Documentary Series

  11. Mark Borthwick on Metropolis

    Mark Borthwick feature on Metropolis, broadcasted by TVE LA2, Spain. (2010)

  12. Tomboy Style: The Book

    Author Lizzie Garrett Mettler discusses her forthcoming book Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion, on shelves April 3, 2012.