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  1. SNL: Justin Bieber parody

    In the height of the DUI/ Drug Justin Bieber controversy, we couldn’t help but put up this SNL parody of the fallen star that was done by comedian Kate McKinnon… They nailed it! Go to 4:05:


    For those of you who grew up as teen outcasts in the 90’s… For more footage and updates on the Dirty Girls check out the about section on the youtube video

  3. Calvin Love: Cool

    Only Edmonton can produce such talent. Hot. via Purple Magazine

  4. Tina Turner Acid Queen

    Happy Birthday Tina Turner! Here is one of her amazing performances in the movie “Tommy” as the acid queen.

  5. Artist Film Club: Jon Rafman

    Artist Jon Rafman is premiering a new video “I dig, you dig, and it, the worm, digs too” (2013).at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London November 21 at 7pm as part of the Artist Film Club. The film explores personal and cultural histories

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  6. National Charter – Colin Snapp

    National Charter Colin Snapp Nov 7 – Dec 20 2013 The Journal Gallery is pleased to announce “National Charter,” the gallery’s third solo exhibition with Los Angeles based artist Colin Snapp. In this exhibition, the artist presents 18 pictures from

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  7. Happy Halloween: MJ’s+Vincent Price Studio recording For Thriller

    Happy Halloween Everyone. Here is a rare cut from Michael Jackson and Vincent Price studio recording for Thriller. RIP… And of course the classic Thriller Music Video:

  8. Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Film Tour

      If you are around for the Vancouver Film Festival you must go see the documentary on artist Bill Callahan.  Callahan has been compared to great musician such as Bob Dylan and Scott Walker, and this film is a rare

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  9. Le Jour D’avant

    With fashion week here, we take a look at the work of Loïc Prigent a self proclaimed “fashion nerd” who has been documenting the last minute preparations of fashion shows in his series “Le Jour d’Avant” (The Day Before). With each episode

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  10. Video: The Avant Garde Diaries-Unlocking The Truth

    I wish I was this cool as a kid… Check out the feature on Brooklyn Metal Band ‘Unlocking The Truth‘ composed by 2 friends Malcolm Brickhouse (12 years old) and Jarad Dawkins (11 years old) on The Avant Garde Diaries.

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  11. Tom Dixon interview

    Normann Copenhagen interviews British Designer Tom Dixon about his designs. He talks about his current work, inspirations and art vs design among other things…

  12. Tonight: Rio Theatre: Big Star documentary- Nothing Can Hurt Me

    Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a much see documentary. It takes you thru a riveting journey about the band ‘Big Star’ and their many experiences close to the height of fame. This film truly captures what it’s like

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