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  1. Memorandoms by James Nizam

    James Nizam was a part of last week’s STREAM show, and is one of my favorite Vancouver based artists. Be sure not to miss his long-awaited show at Gallery Jones. February 4 – 27, 2010 Opening Reception: Thursday February 4th,

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  2. El Anatsui

    El Anatsui is a Ghanaian sculptor. His work is based traditional Ghanaian beliefs and other subjects. Anatsui creates amazing woven wall hangings loosely based on kente cloth. I was lucky to see some of his woven pieces in London. more

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  3. Wyne Veen

  4. Arana & Nonna Gorunova

  5. Amateur Hour

    Thanks to Jesse at Tinker Street for filling us in on this event! 01 loves Peter – if you are in NYC, I highly recommend attending. AMATEUR HOUR WITH ANDREW AND PETER SUTHERLAND ATM GALLERY 621 W. 27TH STREET NYC

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  6. Letha Wilson

    Right Back at You (2009) And So On (California) (2008) Appalachian Trail  (2007) Hanging Wall in Hemlock Tree (2009) Extrusion of Dad into Joshua Tree, Arizona  (2006) Compass Rose (2009) The Corps of Discovery II (2007) Horizonline (2009) Romantic’s Dilemma

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