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  1. More Christo and Jeanne-Claude

    Wrapped Trees, Fondation Beyeler and Berower Park, Riehen, Switzerland 1997-98 “The temporary large-scale environmental works (both urban and rural environments) have elements of painting, sculpture, architecture and urban planning. For instance the Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida,1980-83. could

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  2. Vito Acconci

  3. The Cheaper Show No. 9

    Photo: The Cheaper Show Blog We’re so excited for The Cheaper Show No. 9 , which takes place this Saturday in Vancouver. What once started as a modest exhibition by three artists looking for a means to show their artwork,

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  4. Casual Object Garden and Other Material Matters

    Casual Object Garden and Other Material Matters took place at Roots & Culture in Chicago IL in April, 2010.  The playground-like installation showed photos and Ikebana-inspired flower arrangements by Carson Fisk-Vittori and sculptures and paintings by Michael Hunter. Wish I

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  5. Peter Alexander

    Peter Alexander, born in Los Angeles in 1939, is an artist of the Light and Space movement. via

  6. 01 Magazine Group Show at 107 Shaw Gallery Photos

    Melinda Santillan’s “Victoire Noire” medals The Rotating Gallery’s (Alana Celii & Grant Willing) “Fern Gully” wall installation Becky Brisco in collaboration with Kenta Kimura made a sculpture from leather hemp, moose antler, North American porcupine quills, horse hair and pony

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  7. An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers – Launches Today

    Natalie Rognsoy, Maryanne Casasanta, Rachael Milton Aaron Graham, Andreas Banderas, Kari Altmann, Brenna Murphy, Natalie Rognsoy Martin Kohout, Daniel Everett Rachael Milton, Abigail McGuane, AIDS-3D, Andreas Banderas Jason Lazarus, Elina Minn Chris Coy, Ben Schumacher, Martijn Hendriks Ivan Gaytan, Nick

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  8. An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers

    An Immaterial Survey of Our Peers presents installation images of an exhibit that never physically took place. Using digital compositing techniques, we have re-imagined the process of browsing through a Google Reader by adding art to images of the Sullivan

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  9. 01 Magazine Group Exhibition

    We are very excited to announce our first art exhibition, featuring work by previously featured artists who have inspired us in their craft. We will be sharing work from all of these artists within the next few weeks leading up

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  10. Brad Troemel – Pre Career Retrospective

  11. Bernard Schultze

    Bernard Schultze (1915-2005)

  12. Casual Friday

    There is a sentiment about the current state of the world, shared by the millennial generation, that is both despairingly nihilistic and happily carefree. Casual Friday jokes at this generation’s failure to bring little more than a sarcastic nod to

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