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  1. Cynthia Gutierrez: The past is what I remember

    ZONA MACO SUR is a section in ZONA MACO of booths for projects by individual artists and my crush this year was Mexican artist Cynthia Gutierrez from Guadalajara. Her stand was an elegant display of marble busts, flags,  a tapestry,

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  2. Rivers & Tides – Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time (2001)

    *Parts 2-9*

  3. ZONA MACO: Mexico’s contemporary art fair

      ZONA MACO, Mexico’s contemporary art fair is an annual event that sees hundreds of galleries, artists and collectors from around the world set up shop in Mexico city for a few days every April. While the fair is only

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  4. R.I.P. David Weiss

    R.I.P. David Weiss. All work by influential Swiss artists, Peter Fischli & David Weiss.

  5. Trace Heavens – James Nizam

    Opening Reception: Friday, May 4th, 6 – 9pm Exhibition Dates: May 4th – 26th, 2012 Gallery Jones 1725 West Third Avenue Vancouver, BC 604 714 2216 Gallery Jones is pleased to present Trace Heavens, a solo exhibition of new work

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  6. BARTHOLOMEW Show curated by JSBJ at GSB Stockholm

    BARTHOLOMEW March 30 to April 28 . 2012 Gallery Steinsland Berliner Bondegatan 70, 116 33 Stockholm, Sweden Ann Woo Amy Lombard Andreas Banderas Andrew Laumann Aurélien Arbet Brian Khek Daniel Everett David Schoerner Dmytrij Wulffius Flemming Ove Bech Grant Cornett Israel

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  7. Documentary: The Jeff Koons Show

    This is a really great documentary on the work of Jeff Koons especially because the artist is also speaking for himself regarding his work, along with his good friend Julian Schnabel, and gallerists and critics closely involved in his art

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  8. ALL CUT UP by Patrick Jackson

    Patrick Jackson sculptures in the alley behind 1451 East 4th St LA CA 90033 Friday, February 17th 7 – 10 pm

  9. Bastien Aubry & Dimitri Broquard

    Work by Bastien Aubry and Dimitri Broquard,  Zurich, Switzerland. From Nieves: “Since a few years, Bastien Aubry and Dimitri Broquard do artistical work inspired by outsider art or the applied arts like handcrafts or ceramics. It appears as if they

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  10. James Franco’s Art Openings: Episode 2 – “Good As New”

    James Franco on WhoSay Jeff quits his job and attends a new photography exhibition at the Ed. Varie gallery on the Lower East Side and learns how the internet is changing the way shows come together – this one coming

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  11. BREACH – Rod Barton – London

    BREACH Aurelien Arbet & Jeremie Egry, Bianca Brunner, Jean Charles de Quillacq, Bryan Dooley Curated by Tobias Czudej Rod Barton Gallery is pleased to present Breach, an exhibition focusing on four young artists who embrace photography’s plasticity and it’s ability to exist in

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  12. GOOD AS NEW . Interview and Preview

    GOOD AS NEW is an exercise in short-term solutions. The artists in this exhibition are aligned by their common interest in the “makeshift.” Through photography and installation work, Aurélien Arbet, Jérémie Egry, David Brandon Geeting, Nicholas Gottlund, Bruno Zhu, and

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