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  1. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @jessicahunkin

    South African based photographer Jessica Hunkin (@jessicahunkin ) has a way of making a reflective image always look interesting and whimsical. Her instagram photos documents her creative observations in Johannesburg where she resides. We reached out to Jessica to ask her our

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  2. Ashley Gilbertson Photos: Bedrooms of The Fallen

    Over 5000 men and women  have died serving  the United States in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Project ‘Bedrooms Of The Fallen’ photographed by  photo journalist Ashley Gilbertson is about who they were-sons, daughters, sisters, brothers- and the bedroom

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  3. Exhibition: Miya Ando’s Aurora shows in London

    Last week Mead Carney Gallery in London hosted New York based artist Miya Ando and her newest collection of work, Aurora. In a new exploration of light and colour, Ando transforms anodized aluminum and steel into meditations on light.  

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    Wang Shou-Ying has been getting famous on the internet for creating hats and outfits from whatever she can find at home. Striking and simple,  her aesthetic creations play with shape and form and are all about re-imagining the objects that

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  5. Video: Robert Ashley-Perfect Lives

    (still from video Perfect Lives) Sadly, one of the most amazing composers of the 2oth Century Robert Ashley passed away on March 3rd  which is a massive loss but a life lived solid.  One of Ashley’s operatic work called “Perfect

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  6. Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Film Tour

      If you are around for the Vancouver Film Festival you must go see the documentary on artist Bill Callahan.  Callahan has been compared to great musician such as Bob Dylan and Scott Walker, and this film is a rare

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  7. WAAP:Brad Phillips-Still Life With Hard Feelings

    This Thursday: Will Aballe Art Projects is pleased to announce Still Life with Hard Feelings, a new digital print edition by Vancouver-based artist, Brad Phillips. WAAP will be releasing 30 limited edition prints signed and numbered by the artist. Since

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  8. 1966:CBC-Leonard Cohen Interview

    A young Leonard Cohen ponders on the poetic mind in an interview with CBC with host Adrienne Clarkson. In this excerpt from Take 30, Cohen rejects the notion of artistic posterity and says, ‘I’m not interested in an insurance plan

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  9. you scratch my back

    Michael Krebber al taylor good vibes bannock perrot organic chickens Berlin 2008. Pipe Sculpture. Marty Thacker my socks match everything. its nice to be committed to something. vintage towels Sally England Thomas Eggerer

  10. William Burroughs: Cut ups and poetry

    Watch William Burroughs explain how he does his cut ups which is a process that he used sometimes in his work. Watch the whole BBC documentary on William Burrough’s here

  11. Diary: Patti Smith

    Read this on the plane on my way to New York. What a perfect way to start my trip. The always inspiring Patti Smith shares her experience about living at the Chelsea hotel… Thanks Vanity Fair! When I was being

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  12. Vancity Theatre tonight:Patti Smith -Dream of Life

    One show only tonight of this documentary. Show starts at 8:30pm. Watch the trailer below: This portrait of the legendary singer, artist and poet explores themes of spirituality, history and self expression. Known as the godmother of punk, she emerged

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