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  1. NEW YORK PORTRAIT SERIES #3 – Todd Jordan + Katherine Clary

    Todd Jordan and Katherine Clary are a couple that have a bright future together. We admire the unity and love that these two have for one other. Katherine is Todd’s muse on a variety of different photoshoots that he has

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  2. New York Portrait Series #2- Nick Sethi

    Aidan Johnston put together a brief  ‘q+a ‘  for  photographer Nick Sethi  for our ‘New York Portrait Series’ shot by Aaron Wynia. Nick’s answers are as funny and vulgar as his photography.  He ponders about being a plus size model, Drake,

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  3. New York Portrait Series #1 – Peter Sutherland

    While visiting New York City Aaron Wynia took some great portraits of some New York creatives and got his friend Aidan Johnston to ask them some questions. The first images we are sharing from Aaron’s ‘ New York Portrait Series’

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