Blog Post Category Archive (No 8: Music -Part 1)

  1. The Life and Times of William Callahan

    In 2008, at the behest of Drag City Records, BC based photographer Chris Taylor set out on a month long trip to document the ever-elusive William Callahan. Residing in Austin, TX, Bill Callahan, an American Singer-Songwriter and guitarist, came to

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  2. Acid Sweat Lodge X Head Full of Snakes

    Breaking news: Acid Sweat Lodge x Head Full of Snakes collaboration. Check out 01 interview with A.S.L.  here. The Acid Sweat Lodge is pleased to announce that it has collaborated with Australian Motorcycle Magazine “Head Full Of Snakes” to release

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  3. 1966:CBC-Leonard Cohen Interview

    A young Leonard Cohen ponders on the poetic mind in an interview with CBC with host Adrienne Clarkson. In this excerpt from Take 30, Cohen rejects the notion of artistic posterity and says, ‘I’m not interested in an insurance plan

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  4. RIP: Waldorf

    After 3 years of fun, the Waldorf closes its doors…   During its tenure, institutions like the Cheaper Show, the East Side Culture Crawl, the New Forms Festival, the Polaris Music Prize, the Presentation House Gallery, the PuSh International Performing

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  5. Tonight:Cheap n Easy 2nd year anniversary

    Holiday Holidays -cheers and beerz with C & E

  6. 1970 BBC Led Zeppelin Interview: Robert Plant + John Bonham

    1970:John Bonham and Robert Plant do their first interview for British television. The Led Zeppelin members talk about how the music scene was different from when they were growing up, on the London & The South East BBC show NationWide.

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  7. Video: Conversation-Patti Smith + Neil Young

    Can anything be better then this? In the height of Neil Young’s concert on Sunday in Vancouver we got sent this gem of a video(Thanks Patty H). The two greats Neil Young and Patti Smith have an hour long conversation

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  8. Tomorrow’s Achievements

    A Public Information chop-up of “This Is Shell” by Geoffrey Jones set to the Harry Forbes track , “Tomorrow’s Achievements” taken from the album of the same name. Tomorrow’s Achievements is an exclusive Public Information foray into the Canadian Library

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  9. This Saturday:The Brixton Caffe-Loose

    Halloween party- best jam ever… Hosted by 2 guys that definitely know how to throw a good party! Join facebook page here.

  10. NY Mag:The Patti Smith Look book

      NY Magazine put up The Patti Smith Look book today celebrating her many androgynous, menswear-inspired looks. Here is some of photos that they posted up of the goddess of punk… (Thanks for sending Emmy!) Check out the full post

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  11. Saint Laurent:Campaign 1/15 by Hedi Slimane

    Hedi Slimane’s first fashion campaign for newly named Saint Laurent collection will be unveiled December 2012. The introductory series of 15 images will be a portraiture campaign appropriately named Campaign 1/15 will be shot by the designer himself. We are

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  12. Rodney Graham for Free & Easy

    The photo shoot that we worked on for Japanese magazine ‘Free & Easy’ with stylish Canadian photographer and artist Rodney Graham has just arrived at Inventory. We were honored to work on the Dad’s Style issue with an artist we truly

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