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  1. Police Release 35 New Photos From Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Scene

    Marking the twenty year anniversary of  Kurt Cobain’s death Seattle police released 35 photos that were from the suicide scene after reexamining the case. Along with the various photos released is a handwritten note done by the late rock star

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  2. Neil Young releases surprise new album on vinyl only

    Neil Young surprises everyone by releasing a new album on vinyl only called ‘A Letter Home’ this past weekend. The new album turned up during Saturday’s celebration of ‘Record Store Day’. The album, “A Letter Home,” features 11 tracks, recorded

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  3. Video:Lou Reed’s final interview before his passing

    On September 21st of last year Lou Reed sat down with director Farida Khelfa for Parrot Zik head phones for an interview about his life in music. Sadly, it was his final one as he died a month after from

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  4. Noosha Fox

    Who wouldn’t want to start ones day to Noosha Fox, “Only You Can” Here’s a little pick me up to get the last day of the work week rolling.

  5. Metal Cats by Alexandra Crockett

    Metal Cats is proof that while metal music may be aggressive, the people in the scene are a bunch of ‘pussies’ for their pets. Preview images:   These incredibly cute and fluffy felines have been photographed with their loving owners

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  6. Ballet School

    One of my first encounters with Rosie and Ballet School was a couple summers ago off the beaten track about an hour outside of Berlin. Their show took place in a small wooden concert hall, lakeside, and back lit by

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  7. Video: Robert Ashley-Perfect Lives

    (still from video Perfect Lives) Sadly, one of the most amazing composers of the 2oth Century Robert Ashley passed away on March 3rd  which is a massive loss but a life lived solid.  One of Ashley’s operatic work called “Perfect

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  8. Oh no, it’s 3 O’clock again…F…

    3’oclock soundtrack for the day from the film “Deadman” “Guitar Solo 5 full version” Neil Young an espresso on the terrace sun in eyes, coral/red light under eye lids making mental notes bird feed hanging from the railings no birds

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  9. Video: Last Days Here- Pentagram documentary(2011)

    Watch this documentary on Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling.  It’s touching, powerful, riveting… “Last Days Here” follows Bobby Liebling, lead singer of Pentagram, an Alexandria, Virginia-based heavy metal group founded in 1971 and active sporadically throughout the following four decades. At

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  10. Documentary: Wild Combination a portrait of Arthur Russell(2008)

    One of the best music documentaries I have seen in a while about the late musical genius Arthur Russell by New York filmmaker Matt Wolf.  A remarkable story worth watching. Watch the trailer below: Purchase here. Thanks Alan!

  11. Preview Photos: WAAP- Niall McClelland (until March 01)

    Here is a preview of Niall McClelland’s solo exhibition at Wil Aballe Art Projects called ‘He To Whom The Early Bird Runs Best Learns Wisdom And Knowledge’. The exhibition will be on until March 1st. Niall McClelland  creates impoverished drawings

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  12. London: Maureen Paley-PROJECT

    While I was in London I checked out this great group show exhibiting at Maureen Paley called Project featuring work by Salvatore Arancio, Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards, and James Pyman. Each artist explores the natural world hinting towards the

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