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  1. Rodney Graham for Free & Easy

    The photo shoot that we worked on for Japanese magazine ‘Free & Easy’ with stylish Canadian photographer and artist Rodney Graham has just arrived at Inventory. We were honored to work on the Dad’s Style issue with an artist we truly

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  2. Vogue covers illustrated

    Some beautifully illustrated vintage Vogue covers … from Miss Moss who scanned them from a book of Vogue covers and from Modeesquisse who has an extensive archive of magazine covers.

  3. Salvador Dali: Vogue and Playboy

    From the 1940’s to the 1970’s, some of Dali’s collaborations with Vogue and Playboy. April 1944 December 1946 Playboy 1973

  4. Jumex Collection presents: Poule!

    The Jumex collection, Mexico’s largest privately owned art collections, belongs to Jumex juice heir Eugenio Lopez.  Every year during MACO (Mexico contemporary art fair) they curate an exhibition with pieces from their collection (and throw the most coveted party of the

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  5. Bad Day 13 Launch

  6. Inventory Magazine – New York Launch