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      Looking at Hayley Eichenbaum’s snowy landscapes feels like having a cool ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Her summer photos make us want to grab a pick up truck and go on a road trip through the

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  2. Instagram Spotlight of The Week: Jean-Baptiste Sinniger

    Jean-Baptise Sinniger is an Art Director living and working in Paris. He also  has one of the best Instagram feeds that we have seen. We appreciate the thoughtful use of colour, soft lighting and symmetry in his photography. Check out

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  3. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @katyathesame

    Instagram Spotlight Of  The Week: We love the lighting and composition in @katyathesame photos which seems to be a natural theme in her Instagram feeds. We don’t know much about this mystery ‘Instagrammer’, only the  facts that she knows how

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  4. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Pia Riverola

    What we love about Pia Riverola’s instagram is she knows how to capture a beautiful image by using the habitat that surrounds her as a natural backdrop for the subjects in her photos. Check out her instagram @piariverola. See more

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  5. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Major Stars

    Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: The mysterious instagrammer ‘Major Stars’ has taken our attention with his wonderful posts. His unique eye has captured some brilliant photos with details to light, shapes, and colours. Check out his posts @majorstars

  6. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: John Stortz

    Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Not only is John Stortz a talented illustrator, but judging from his Instagram he is quite nomadic and has a great appreciation for nature. We always enjoy seeing his photos documenting his loyal companion(his dog

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  7. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Kenta Goto

    For ‘Instagram Spotlight Of The Week’ we feature  Kenta Goto’s Instagram. The Art Director and Menswear Designer for Reigning Champ mainly documents his various travels and his great passion for surfing whether he is in Hawaii or in B.C. trying

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  8. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: A Patch Of Skye

    For ‘Instagram Spotlight Of The Week’ we admirer the instagram by Australian blogger and brand consultant Skye McRae. What makes her instagram ‘A Patch Of Skye'( same name as her popular blog)  great is you get an inside glimpse of

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  9. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Lydo Elise Le

    As most of you know Instagram is a creative way to express yourself visually with just a photo and a few words. It has become a part of our daily routine to zone out and get wrapped in the vortex

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