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  1. Instagram Spotlight of The Week: @somewhereiwouldliketogo

    Somewhere I Would Like To Go @somewhereiwouldliketogo is an archival Instagram feed of unique homes and dream destinations to go see from around the world.It gives you an itch to get up and go on an epic adventure. Here is

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      We love the Instagram feed of Barcelona based photographers Oriol and Lucia called @opalvisions . Their collaborative Instagram is a space for them to share their point of view together using light, colour, shapes, and textures. We got in

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  3. New York Portraits Series #5- Lydo Elise Le

    The first time we came across photographer Lydo Elise Le’s instagram we were instantly intrigued and went on the computer immediately to check out her website.What makes her photos special is her ability to balance the use of natural light

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  4. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @jellybellybella

    Starting today we ask 4 questions to the artist that we feature on our ‘Instagram Spotlight Of The Week’ to help us get to know them a little better. The first artist to answer our questons is Arianna Lago .We

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  5. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @kentandreasen

    Photographer Kent Andreasen’s (@kentandreasen ) Instagram photos have a nice balance of colour and symmetry,  making them visually intriguing to the viewers. You can also check out his website here.    

  6. Instagram Spotlight of the Week: @izaac_enciso

    Izaac Enciso’s Instagram photos have a sculptural feel to them, isolating everyday objects and capturing them in an artistic way with a little wit thrown in for good measure. Check out some of the photos from his Instagram below and

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  7. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @salvalopez

    Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Barcelona photographer @salvalopez Instagram feeds are simply wonderful. His travel photos takes you out of your everyday life and makes you wish you were on a beach on another side of the world! Check out

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  8. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @_ariellevin_

    Ariel Levin candid style of street photography is wonderfully colourful. She has a way of capturing her subjects in the moment, while focusing on the special details of colour in her photos that contributes to her unique Instagram feeds. Follow

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  9. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @thebushofghosts

    We are such fans of art director and educator Nic Taylor’s Instagram feeds. Some of of his images that he captures look more like paintings rather than a photograph. Check out his instagram @thebushofghosts Follow 01 Magazine on Instagram

  10. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @scottreedy

    Instagram Spotlight Of  The Week: Scott Reedy knows how to capture a passing moment of beauty with his iPhone. Also his iPhone videos are as intriguing as his photos … observe them on his feeds @scottreedy:     Follow us on

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  11. Instagram Spotlight of the Week: Sam Bebbington

    We find Sam Bebbington’s Instagram feeds intriguing because his photos have a way of drawing attention to little details we miss out on in everyday life. Follow him on Instagram @sambebbington  

  12. Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @maria_lax_

    For Instagram Spotlight Of The Week we look at Finnish photographer and director Maria Lax’s Instagram.  We appreciate the cinematic beauty of her feeds and love how most of her photos look like stills from a movie.  Check out her

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