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  1. Rudolf Steiner

    works thanks Aaron

  2. Blank Generation (1980)

    Blank Generation (1980) directed by Ulli Lommel. Staring Richard Hell with a appearance by Andy Warhol.

  3. More Ali Bosworth

    Victoria (Canada) based Ali Bosworth has a new website. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Gloria Steinem

    “Gratitude never radicalized anybody. Because if we spend too much time and energy being so grateful that we have the right to an abortion or the right to vote, then there’s the possibility of that gratitude turning into complacency. We

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  5. Happy Accident+Red Bull 381 Projects

    Organized by Nicholas Brown and Niall McClelland For its first exhibition of 2010, Red Bull 381 Projects continues to provide a platform to emerging artists, this time by inviting them to make their own curatorial selections. HAPPY ACCIDENTS is organized

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  6. STREAM Feature – Jason Nocito

    Jason Nocito lives and works in New York. Jason’s biography

  7. Bring your penny jar to Antisocial to donate to Haiti

    Penny for your thoughts…. The good people at Antisocial sent us this… Please donate…. A friend in NEED is a friend indeed Antisocial would like to try raise as much funds as possible for the earthquake tragedy that struck the

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  8. Patti Smith-Dream of Life

    If you are a fan of Patti Smith you must watch this documentary. Check out the trailer below… Dream of Life is a plunge into the philosophy and artistry of cult rocker Patti Smith. This portrait of the legendary singer,

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  9. Gordon Matta-Clark


  10. No.4 Photo Issue released online

    Check out our new issue online. Perfect reading material for the holidays. Lots of great visual and interviews…

  11. The Philosophy of Stanley Kubrick

    Excerpt from Erik Norndern’s 1968 Playboy Interview with Stanley Kubrick

  12. Full Service

    FULL SERVICE an exhibition of drawings and photos by 37 Canadian artists. Opens Sunday December 20th 1-6. Show runs until Jan 5th All pieces are priced at $50 Seth Scriver Niall McClelland Eva Michon Robert Dayton Andre Ethier Jason McLean

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