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  1. 1971: Neil Young Performs live on The Johnny Cash Show

    On a rainy Saturday such as this a bit of Neil Young always brings up the spirit…. Neil Young performing “The Needle and the Damage Done” and “Journey Through The Past” on the Johnny Cash show in 1971. Check it

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  2. Gianni Versace

      17 years ago today, designer Gianni Versace was shot dead in front of his mansion in Miami. Here are some images of the beloved designer. Above: Gianni Versace shot by Andy Warhol. Below: Campaigns for his various Versace lines in

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  3. Gram Parsons documentary: Fallen Angel(2004)

    Gram Parsons documentary: Fallen Angel(2004) -This documentary gives you insight on the late musician Gram Parsons. His influence on country music is underrated, and his story goes down in flames like a true rock legend. Watch his family, and friends

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    Lou Reed. Photo from the Library of Congress Lou Reed passed away today at the age of 71. His music was and is still highly influential but it is his unique style and personality that captured the hearts of artists,

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  5. Prince reveals new album cover with Dave Chappelle

    Who knew Prince had such a sense of humour…. Who could forget one of the best skits ever made on ‘The Dave Chappelle Show'(2003-2006) where Dave plays Prince and reenacts an apparent true Hollywood story narrated by Charlie Murphy. Well,

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  6. 1966:CBC-Leonard Cohen Interview

    A young Leonard Cohen ponders on the poetic mind in an interview with CBC with host Adrienne Clarkson. In this excerpt from Take 30, Cohen rejects the notion of artistic posterity and says, ‘I’m not interested in an insurance plan

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  7. ACHILLE CASTIGLIONI: Exhibition photos from 1984

    The late prominent Italian designer Achille Castiglioni showed a first and most complete exhibition of his work at Austrian Museum of Applied Art in Vienna March 16th 1984. Judging from the photos taken from the exhibition in the 80’s his

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  8. Freddy Mercury fan art

    For Freddy Mercury’s birthday, (a day late but..) here is a bit a fan art to celebrate…

  9. Documentary(1974): David Bowie-Cracked Actor

    This is a great documentary about David Bowie. This film debuted in 1974 and was never released commercially. It shows a young David Bowie in the height of his glory years. The film shares an intimate side of the performer

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  10. He Saw It, He Loved It, He Ate It – Maurice Sendak

    Remembering Maurice Sendak

  11. SANYA KANTAROVSKY Blue Notebook № 10

    MARC FOXX is pleased to present the first American solo exhibition by Russian-born, Los Angeles-based artist, Sanya Kantarovsky. SANYA KANTAROVSKY Blue Notebook № 10 (as first written in “Голубая Тетрадь’” or “The Blue Notebook”) FEBRUARY 18- MARCH 24 2012

  12. My Barbarian’s Broke People’s Baroque Peoples’ Theater at Human Resources

    “Object Opera (Rehearsal: Dance of the Sailors and Witches at the Fall of Carthage),” 2012 Join LA’s Human Resources this Saturday February 11, from 7-10pm as they present My Barbarian’s Broke People’s Baroque Peoples’ Theater, a residency in the form of

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