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    Daughters of Darkness, a 1971 film directed by Harry Kümel is based losely on the Hungarian countess Báthory Erzsébet who was rumored to have killed young women to bathe in their blood in a quest for eternal youth. The Belgian film

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    I loved Barry Doupé’s The Colors That Combine to Make White Are Important, one of four experimental animations featured as part of the New Museum’s First Look: New Art Online, which can be seen here. There will be an in museum

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    Sylvia Kristel, the Dutch actress best known protagonizing the first few Emmanuelle films, has passed away. Stumbling into the role accidentaly when she confused the audition for a soap commercial she was going to, she ended up starring in the

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  4. Larry Clark Website + Marfa Girl

    Larry Clark’s website, is now live and his latest film Marfa Girl (debuting at the Rome International Film Festival) will be available exclusively on it in November. Here are some photos he took of the cast for V MAGAZINE’s SUMMER 2012

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  5. Late Night with Young Chloë and Spike

    1999 1998 So cute. From New York based Mary Manning/Unchanging Window’s amazing Criterion Tube Features.

  6. Diana Vreeland: The eye has to travel

    The trailer for the Diana Vreeland documentary coming out this september… . ..and a few secrets about Diana Vreeland from the filmaker and granddaughter-in-law, Lisa Immordino Vreeland in Harper’s Bazaar.

  7. Tony Scott’s The Hunger

    In the wake of director Tony Scott’s death, here are a few images from my favorite movie of his, the vampire thriller The Hunger with David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon.

  8. The VAG: David Wisdom-Summer Night Slides

    Former CBC radio personality and photographer David Wisdom hosts a summer night series of art and music at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Featuring a selection of local practitioners, Wisdom presents his legendary slide shows with perspectives on the exhibitions. This

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  9. Diaz Contemporary: Robert Arndt Exhibition- The Long Take

    We wish we could be in Toronto to see artist Robert Arndt’s show at the Diaz Contemporary. The show opened up this week with great success. If you are in Toronto be sure to stop by and see the exhibition

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  10. Documentary(1974): David Bowie-Cracked Actor

    This is a great documentary about David Bowie. This film debuted in 1974 and was never released commercially. It shows a young David Bowie in the height of his glory years. The film shares an intimate side of the performer

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  11. Coast Modern

    Coast Modern Trailer from Coast Modern on Vimeo. “Good architecture opens up possibilites, makes life richer and deeper.” Travelling along the Pacific North West coastline from LA to Vancouver, Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome’s documentary showcases the pioneers of West

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  12. My Best Fiend – Cracking Eggs

    New video for My Best Fiend – Cracking Eggs (Warp records) Directed by Jeremy Liebman Featuring Cody Chandler Production Design by Aurélien Arbet & Jeremy Liebman Art Direction by Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry/Études Studio Set Design by Ian Savage/WARS Cinematography and

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