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  1. Documentary: Wild Combination a portrait of Arthur Russell(2008)

    One of the best music documentaries I have seen in a while about the late musical genius Arthur Russell by New York filmmaker Matt Wolf.  A remarkable story worth watching. Watch the trailer below: Purchase here. Thanks Alan!

  2. Gram Parsons documentary: Fallen Angel(2004)

    Gram Parsons documentary: Fallen Angel(2004) -This documentary gives you insight on the late musician Gram Parsons. His influence on country music is underrated, and his story goes down in flames like a true rock legend. Watch his family, and friends

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  3. The mysterious life of Huguette Clark

    Mining heiress Huguette Clark lived a reclusive life in her vast Fifth Avenue apartment. She refused to leave her penthouse where she hid with thousands of dolls dressed in custom Dior and  even splurged 14,000 a piece  for two dolls

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  4. Asphalt Watches

    “Asphalt Watches” an animated film by artists Shayne Ehman and Seth Scriver takes us on a surreal cross Canadian road trip (and from the trailer on the TIFF website alone, the story definitely promises to be an interesting trip). Premieres

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  5. Le Jour D’avant

    With fashion week here, we take a look at the work of Loïc Prigent a self proclaimed “fashion nerd” who has been documenting the last minute preparations of fashion shows in his series “Le Jour d’Avant” (The Day Before). With each episode

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  6. Tonight: Rio Theatre: Big Star documentary- Nothing Can Hurt Me

    Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is a much see documentary. It takes you thru a riveting journey about the band ‘Big Star’ and their many experiences close to the height of fame. This film truly captures what it’s like

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