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  1. Wallpaper 1963

    Two films from the 1960s by British Pathe, Perfect Match and Wallpaper,  illustrate the techniques and applications of wallpaper, from the “everything must match everything else era”.


    From 1971-1973, Jack Hazan gained intimate access to David Hockney and his circle of friends and lovers to create A Bigger Splash. Using a ‘structured reality’ format rather than pure documentary, he crafted a mesmerising film, groundbreaking in style and

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    Photo by Dan Martensen via Dazed Digital Locked in their apartment for 14 years, the 7 Angulo siblings learned about the outside world through the films they watched and re-enacted. When they decided to rebel and venture outside the 6

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    The Artist Is Absent the documentary by Alison Chernick about Belgian designer Martin Margiela is now online! A beautiful insight into the enigmatic fashion figure.  


      In 1972, John Wojtowicz walked into a Brooklyn bank with two accomplices. The inexpert attempted robbery that followed went awry and became a 14 hour hostage situation which was televised live and quickly escalated into a media circus. Thousands of people came to the

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  6. Opening tonight: La Fondation Pierre Bergé-HEDI SLIMANE SONIC

    The Hedi Slimane exhibition ‘Sonic’ opens tonight at La Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent. The music themed retrospective will exhibit Hedi Slimane’s portraits, a video installation and a limited edition book will accompany the exhibition. The show focuses on

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    Davide talks about his life in a casting interview conducted by Avedon Studio   Davide Sorrenti’s life and career in fashion photography were short but meaninful. Coming from an Italian family of artists and fashion photographers (his brother and sister are Vanina

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  8. Ashley Gilbertson Photos: Bedrooms of The Fallen

    Over 5000 men and women  have died serving  the United States in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The Project ‘Bedrooms Of The Fallen’ photographed by  photo journalist Ashley Gilbertson is about who they were-sons, daughters, sisters, brothers- and the bedroom

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  9. Raf Simons Documentary:Dior And I

    Looking forward to seeing this on screen. Apparently the documentary which premiered last month at the Tribeca Film Festival  is worth the watch. It gives you a true look in the fashion world-complete with stress and drama -and doesn’t seize

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  10. Devil’s Toy Redux: 14 directors in 14 different cities

      The Devil’s Toy was one of the first skateboarding films ever made in 1966 and is considered a cult classic.  The stylistic short documentary was dedicated “to all victims of intolerance” depicts the dawn of skateboarding in Montreal. A new

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  11. Documentary:Finding Vivian Maier

    This documentary is about the reclusive, mysterious and complicated photographer Vivian Maier. An incredible story about one of the most talented American photographers of our time whose body of work was only discovered after her death by chance at an

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  12. Video: Last Days Here- Pentagram documentary(2011)

    Watch this documentary on Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling.  It’s touching, powerful, riveting… “Last Days Here” follows Bobby Liebling, lead singer of Pentagram, an Alexandria, Virginia-based heavy metal group founded in 1971 and active sporadically throughout the following four decades. At

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