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     Get Together is a video edited by Jonah Leslie of Ibiki compiling some of the hilarious work by artists Paul Harrison and John Wood, (knows as Harrison & Wood). A great way to start the week. See more of Harrison & Wood’s work

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  2. Creatives on Instagram #11: Sinéad Charbonneau

    Out next featured Creative on Instagram is Victoria, BC based Sinéad Charbonneau, who works as researcher at the University of Victoria. Sinéad ia a long time collaborator and muse of photographer Ali Bosworth, and worked on a lovely editorial, Wievpoint,

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  3. Creatives on Instagram #10: Wai Lin Tse

    Out next featured Creative on Instagram is the incredibly talented Barcelona based photographer and fashion designer, Wai Lin Tse. Be sure to check out her beautiful work on her website and tumblr. @wailintse on Instagram Other Creatives on Instagram 1.

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  4. Creatives on Instagram #9: Trevor Hernandez

    Our next featured creative on Instagram is Los Angeles based artist, Trevor Hernandez. The Art Center College of Design Graduate of Fine Arts works as a Creative Director of Anti-Records and also assisted artist Jason Rhoades. Check out his work

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  5. Creatives On Instagram #8: Peter Sutherland

    Our next featured artist is a man who needs no introduction – Colorado born and New York based artist and friend of 01, Peter Sutherland. Peter is currently working on a documentary about Richard Prince (due for release this year)

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  6. Creatives on Instagram #7: John Zimmerman

    John Zimmerman is a Baltimore based photographer. His instagram feed is probably my favorite one to look at – full of strange and melancholic scenes and repurposed objects. @john_juan on Instagram Other Creatives on Instagram 1. Michael Schmelling

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  7. Creatives on Instagram #6: Breanne Trammell

  8. Creatives on Instagram #5: Ryan Willms

  9. Creatives on Instagram #4: Andrew Kuo

    Andrew Kuo is an artist based in New York. I first came across his work on the internet and became more engrossed in it when I picked up his book, What We Worry. Andrew’s humorous, bittersweet and detailed graphic charts

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  10. Creatives on Instagram #3: Jason Nocito

    @jasonnocito666 on Instagram Jason Nocito Other Artists on Instagram 1. Michael Schmelling 2. Keigo Nishikiori

  11. Creatives on Instagram #2: Keigo Nishikiori

    Keigo Nishikiori is a photographer based in Osaka and Hokkaido, Japan. @torinotaigun on Instagram Other Artists on Instagram 1. Michael Schmelling

  12. Creatives on Instagram #1: Michael Schmelling

    The kind of photography that I enjoy the most show the individual viewpoint, spirit, and sensibility of the person taking the photos. I love it when I can look at a series of photos by a photographer and can tell

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