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  1. Nardwuar at TEDx

    Canada’s favorite music journalist talks about his signature DIY interview style at Tedx Vancouver.

  2. Jamming: Rick Danko+Janis Joplin+ Jerry Garcia

    Ain’t No More Cocaine: Rick Danko(The Band), Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia(Grateful Dead) jam on a CN train on tour across Canada during a music festival that took place in in the 70’s. Rick Danko Janis Joplin Jerry Garcia: Ain't

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  3. Liminal Positions Writing Symposium

    EMILY CARR UNIVERSITY | LISA ROBERTSON | Liminal Positions Writing Symposium | MARCH 4-5 __________________________ ECUAD Biennial Student Symposium 2011:  READING | CULTURE | WRITING:  LIMINAL POSITIONS FRIDAY MARCH 4, 6-8PM South Building #301,  RECEPTION 8PM Agro Cafe, SATURDAY MARCH

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  4. GWG Commercials from the 80’s

    Check out the old Canadian (Edmonton) work men brand of denim GWG’s commercials from the 80’s. The first video is starring a young and suave Wayne Gretzky, from when he use to play for the Edmonton Oilers. The Great Western

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  5. Herbert Marshall McLuhan

    Herbert Marshall McLuhan @ CBC 1967

  6. Stephen Reid+Stopwatch Gang Video

    (Stephen Reid on the right at the Millhaven Penitentiary where he wrote his book Jackrabbit Parole) As bad ass as it gets… Canadian Stephen Reid is not only one of the members of the infamous bank thieves called “The Stopwatch

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  7. Laneways

    Laneways of Oak Bay and Fairfield Victoria, British Columbia by 01 contributor, Ali Bosworth. More laneways here

  8. Newfoundland Mummers

    During the 12 days of Christmas in Newfoundland, the men and women of small fishing outposts throw pillow cases over their heads, disguise their bodies behind scraps of old clothing and go from house to house playing music, singing songs

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  9. The Magic of John Lennon

    In June of 1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono did a ‘sit in’ protest/performance against the Vietnam War in Montreal at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel. American Cartoonist Al Capp came to debate with John Lennon and gets into a serious

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  10. Conundrum Press Book Launch – Montreal, QC

    So I’ve Been Told Maryanna Hardy November 2010 ISBN 1-894994-52-3 / 978-1-894994-52-1 Art / Graphic Novel 96 pages / 5.5×7.75 80 illustrations (16 in colour) $17 This book collects a number of her recent book projects, including Jerry Springer Characters,

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  11. Do It With Joy (1976)

    Tree planting life in British Columbia, circa 1976. via canuckophile / documentary

  12. 01 Magazine/No.6 Show Ends This Weekend

    Photo: Peter Sutherland Ends this Sunday. Be sure to visit before it’s gone.. or at least before the Canada flag pins are gone. October 16 – 24th, 2010 Saturday 12 – 7pm / Sunday 12 – 6pm No.6 Store, Gallery

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