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  1. Blog on Blog: (Blogs We Love) Last Frame

    Annie Hall Tender Mercies Naqoyqatsi Bubble Eureka Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind He Got Game The Red Balloon Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Half Nelson Pan’s Labyrinth What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Inception Raging Bull Barton Fink

  2. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): Abracadabra Department

    Abracadabra Department by Kate Jinx is a like a drawer filled with art, pop culture, screen captures, videos, notes to self, and works in progress. Get lost here.

  3. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): Mallory’s Clothes

    Mallory’s Clothes is a comprehensive rundown, in chronological order, of Mallory Keaton’s outfits from the series Family Ties (1982-1989)

  4. Blog on Blog: REIGEN

    A very well curated blog by two students living in Germany who appraise the aesthetic in art, fashion, and culture. REIGEN presents the personal finds of Juliane and Anna. Episode 01: Amanda from À NOS AMOURS on Vimeo. An upcoming

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  5. Blog on Blog: Soviet

    Screen shots of 1980s lore, dark wave babes, horror and Japanese kitsch galore! Soviet makes for a eye pleasing jaunt.

  6. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love) – Saturdays Surf NYC

    Beautifully maintained by the staff of surf & coffee shop Saturdays Surf in NYC. 31 Crosby Street, NY

  7. Blog on Blog: Marine Layer Productions

    Dane Reynolds’ surf blog. Watch it and shut up: Marine Layer Productions. Dane Reynolds in a big candy store from nicolas dazet on Vimeo. Dane Reynolds in a big candy store from nicolas dazet on Vimeo. Toro Y Moi –

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  8. Blog on Blog (Blogs We Love) – Hit ‘Em Up

    Jared Boger Hit ‘Em Up is mobile photography blog by photographers Ace Kieffer, Alex Martinez, Bob Myaing, Jared Boger, and Lazaro Rodriguez. Check it out for a glimpse of their everyday.. Jared Boger Jared Boger Jared Boger Ace Kieffer Alex

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  9. Blog On Blog: Tanner America

    Really enjoying the “lives” of Allison and Rob Tanner. It took forever for the kids and I to get a good picture of our ‘Sculpture’! From Jacob Gaboury for Rhizome..”Tanner America is critical satire in the form of a Tumblr

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  10. Slob Life

    Slob life top ten favorite 10 links – no particular order: 1.– cool. 2. – plethora of video 3. – celebrity gossip/all things amazing! 4. – art fag gossip 5. – all my friends’ gossip

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  11. Blog On Blog: Arcademi Blog

    The ARCADEMI  BLOG is an extension  of a great website which was started by a collective group of friends and supporters of the arts to encourage a new generation of  emerging creatives. Check it out just for its visual eye

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  12. Blog On Blog: The Catorialist

    If you love The Satorialist and also have a heart on for pussy cats, then go no further then The Catorialist: The finest looking felines you’ll ever see on the internet. Satire done well.