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  1. Tavi Gevinson reviews ‘The Daniel Clowes Reader’

    It’s a great thing when two of your favorites come together some how. That is what happened when Fashion Wunderkind/ Blogger Tavi Gevinson reviews  Graphic Novelist/ Screenwriter  Daniel Clowes –‘The Daniel Clowes Reader’ in Sunday’s Printers Row Journal for the

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    I’m a big fan of Audrey Delorme’s blog  Madame AD with it’s beautifully curated selection of images.

  3. Blog on Blog (Blogs We Love): Rinko Diary

    How excited was I to discover the elusive Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi’s diary filled with images shot by what I think is her cell phone. I have always been drawn to cell phone photos taken by people I admire because

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  4. Blog on Blog: Le memé

    Le memé blog is best looked at in the company of a… smoke (?) Here is a preview of these award winning images….    

  5. Blog on Blog: Art blog of Mike Swaney

    Here is a blog I love and look at often. link to blog

  6. Blog On Blog: Assembly New York Music Archives

    Assembly New York has started a music blog asking creatives to make music mixes to share. There is great compilations from an array of people such as designer Robert Geller,  jewelry designer Arielle de Pinto, artist Marianne Vitale, stylist Haidee

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  7. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love) – Letterheady

    Bill Cosby, 1991 Keith Haring Charles Schulz, 1958   Gene Shalit John Hughes, 1990 Life, 1922   Michael Jackson   Ray Charles, 1990   Richard Simmons, 2009   Saul Bass, 1988     The Breakfast Club, 1985     Whitney

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  8. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): Hobbyday

    Hobbyday is a blog dedicated to peoples hobbies. Above: Canoeing – Kasane Nogawa Canoeing – Kasane Nogawa Gardening – Pierre Hourquet Camping – Nicholas Gottlund Collecting – Max Lab Skateboarding – Clarke Tolton Gardening – Ye Rin Mok Hiking –

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  9. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): Hippy Kitchens

  10. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): More Than A Feeling

    Happy Friday!

  11. Blog On Blog (Blogs We Love): UNDERTHESUN – Roy Arden

    Roy Arden has become one of Canada’s most respected artists. His work spanning over the last two decades has contributed significantly to Vancouver’s reputation as an important centre for contemporary photo-based art. Below are excerpts from his constantly updated blog

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  12. Blog On Blog: (Blogs We Love) go clime a rock

    Steeped within the vernacular, go clime a rock is a blog dedicated to women & nature. Beautiful.