Work by Sean Coggins

  1. Michael Johansson

  2. Sean Coggins

    There are a bunch of talented people who post on this blog daily and I think it’s about time for them to share what they do with you. How about it does anybody want to see the contributors work?

  3. Hard Rocks & High Plains Drifters

    There are literally hundreds of images in this suite and these are the least number of images I was able to whittle it down to. Thanks to Opium Fields for this archive.

  4. David Foldvari

  5. Luke Rudolf

  6. Banks Violette

    Come on Banks, you keep making things before I have the time to think about making them! Banks Violette 1973 born in Ithaca, New York Education: 2000, Columbia University, New York, NY, M.F.A. 1998, School of the Visual Arts, New

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  7. Rackham Revisited

    Arthur Rackham 1867 – 1939

  8. Tales of the Macabre No.6

    A few select pages from Issue #6 of Tales of the Macabre, a kult German black metal fanzine started in 1993.

  9. Bike EXIF

    BIKE PORN The black and white custom Honda street tracker is destroying me!

  10. Heavy Rotation 2

    Sensational and Spectre – Acid and Bass Aosoth – Ashes of Angels Bobby Beausoleil and The Freedom – Orchestra Lucifer Rising Borgia Ysengrin – Ars Magna Moriendi – split Borgne – IV Cold Cave – Death Comes Close 12″ Ignivomous

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  11. Erwin Wurm

    Ewrin Wurm shooting Claudia Schiffer for the November issue of German Vogue. I know this is all over the net but I’m a Wurm fan and wanted to share the editorial with you.

  12. Moonbell

    Moonbell ‘Moonbell is an automated music generator that plays musical scores based on lunar topographical data obtained by Japan’s Kaguya (SELENE) explorer during its orbit around the moon from late 2007 to June 2009.” This is just plain fun. You

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