Work by Mel Paget

  1. Welcome Stranger

    Welcome Stranger, a catalogue of ideas based on the exploration of themes, history, aesthetics and people. Welcome Stranger is a new partnership between WS artists who engage in the output of new ideas and the remixing of recent work. Welcome

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    If you have time tomorrow night, come down for a drink in candle light. A cast of female Dj’s (including Andrea of Nu Sensae) will be playing girl induced punk and post-punk. TOO MANY CREEPS – – – – –

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    MASS MARRIAGE x UUIUU “Isolation”  sound peice by Mel Paget Visuals mixed and edited by Mel Paget – – – –


    Inspired by No Age’s live scoring of the film ‘The Bear’, Alternate Realities is the reinterpretation of the idea of the soundtrack in film. How the usage of sound can change a mood or intensity within a visual context simply

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  5. Asher Penn: Hebrew Paintings

    Asher Penn: Hebrew Paintings – – – – – – – Opening Reception November 5, 6-8 PM – – – – – – – November 5 – December 17 – – – – – – – Hours Tues-Fri 12-5pm and

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  6. Tom Wesselmann

  7. Blog on Blog: Soviet

    Screen shots of 1980s lore, dark wave babes, horror and Japanese kitsch galore! Soviet makes for a eye pleasing jaunt.

  8. Vito Acconci

  9. exactitudes

  10. Polish Cyrk Posters

    Poland has a long standing history of design. One of the many prides and joys of the country’s design empire is the Cyrk poster. Cyrk posters are for advertising the upcoming Circus. The posters would be pasted all about Poland’s

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  11. Walter Potter

  12. Brain Bress