Work by Jabari Jordan-Walker

  1. SETUP 3 LAUNCH (Thursday 21st March)

    Launch of Setup Issue 3 + Box Set Edition of Prints From SETUP… Please join us for the simultaneous launch of the third issue of Setup, and Setup’s inaugural set of limited edition artworks. Each set features five archival inkjet

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  2. Tonik Wojtyra “Hard to Pronounce”

    Tonik Wojtyra CSA Space #5-2414 Main street Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5T 3E2 See Pulpfiction Books (2422 Main St.) for admission during regular business hours: Mon-Wed 10am-8pm, Thurs-Sat 10am-9pm, Sundays and holidays 11am-7pm.

  3. Rebranding America

        As the World’s financial crises deepens we all may be soon facing some serious consequences but wouldn’t be nice if  the United States could correct its own follies by simply giving a sincere effort at rebranding?   “We

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  4. Michel François

    Michel François

  5. Ulm School of Design

    Ulm School of Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung)

  6. SUMMER FORUM 2012

    Summer Forum for Inquiry + Exchanges seeks to nurture and facilitate conversation and creative exploration through an examination of contemporary texts. Participants will meet in New Harmony, Indiana for a one-week summer residency to engage in an extended dialogue centered

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  7. A Slow Conversation ROLU & YHBHS

    A great interview at YHBHS with Matt Olson (co-founder of ROLU)

  8. SETUP magazine

    Setup Volume 1, Issue 1 feauring: -Lisa Robertson -Yuhnee Min and Robert Linsley -Eyal Weizman and Carson Chan -Patrick Cruz and Charlie Satterlee -Mark Neufeld -Myfanwy Macleod -Emma LaMorte -Amy Zion -David McGuire Published and distributed by Publication Studio Vancouver,

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  9. Immaterials

    Immaterials: Light painting WiFi from Timo on Vimeo.