Two For The Road Issue (5)

I’ve always consumed most of my photography from the internet. While I love exhibitions, books and magazines, the easiest and most accessible avenue is the web.  The one thing that has always bothered me about this way of viewing images is the limitations in the presentation.  Too often I find myself rhythmically clicking one by one through a set of photographs or too quickly scrolling through a stream of images horizontally or vertically. This is that antithesis of how photographs are presented in books and publishing where editors choose images to be side by side in pairs of two. The layout forces the viewer to analyze not just one, but two photographs simultaneously.  Editors cannot simply choose two photographs on their individual merit alone, but now they have to consider the relationship between the images. Two for the Road lives to examine this relationship.  Many of the pairings have very obvious aesthetic similarities with each other while others rely on a more ambigious connection with the subjects.  Often overlooked, but equally important, are the images that seem to have an intangible connection with each other as if two completely different and isolated photographers had the same inherent vision.

Left: Kasi Cooper
Bryan Formhals

Left: Charlie Engman
Right: Jordi Huisman

Left and Right: Michael Cinque

Left: Stef Renard
Right: Greg Flanders

Left: Mengxi Zhang
Right: Andrew Nemiroski

Left: Nikolay Lëshkin
Right: Laura Gommans

Left: Sarah Palmer
Right: Alex Cretey

Left: Tatum Shaw
Right: Randy Martin

Left: John Goldsmith
Right: Tatum Shaw

Left & Right: Sylvain-Emmanual Prieur

James Turnley is a photographer that currently lives and works in New York.  Despite calling New York his home, he is in constant search of warmer weather.