Bark Hard Issue (3)

Bark Hard The National Band of Texas LP

Unless You’re from Texas…no, wait, unless you’re from Pasadena or Houston, Texas, there is a good chance you have no idea who Johnny ‘Tex” Gibson, Todd Prince, Lee Leal, or Ken Fillion are. Unless you were an avid skater during the 80s, or a skid whose time was spent digging through cassettes and going to $2.00 shows in basements or at backyard vert ramps, you don’t know who Bark Hard is…which sucks for you cause they rip shit fast as fuck. Bark Hard were able to solidify their presence in the skate-rock / hardcore scene in the 80’s. There were a lot of skate rock bands that would pop up but these guys played a lot better then most of them with some excellent riffage and fast barking vocals. Plus coming from Texas they weren’t you’re average bleach blonde douche band.

Everyone in the band had some kind of professional skate career, the most prolific being Tex Gibson, who I’m sure still shreds today at 45. Tex wielded the axe but was also one of Zorlac Skateboards’ first professionals and still has one of the most iconic board graphics in skateboarding’s history.

Chalk these dudes up next to Accused, Septic Death, COC, JFA, maybe even Gang Green. These skids live and breathe skateboarding, running Embassy Skateboards out of Houston since 2006, and playing numerous shows with the original line-up since 2005. ICE COLD BEERS!