Alex Gartenfeld Issue (3)

Based in New York, Alex is the online editor for Interview Magazine and Art in America Magazine.He has a distinguished look that he can staple as his own. I met him a few years back at a friend’s party in Berlin where he graced me with his unforgettable presence. Alex captivates me again, by taking us into his home to have a look in his closet.


(All photos by Juan Olivares)

I never change my clothes and when I must, it is into something the same/similar.


Note my shoes, Common Projects. They take a long time to lace, to the frustration of my friends with a no-shoes-in-house policy. Also in shot, by accident, CDG bag too girly for me to wear. I just got back from the beach, which is where I take it.


All my shoes look/are the same. Margiela; a bunch of Repettos I got because they think my friend is cool and I went into the showroom with her; more Common Projects


Sometimes I show art in my house with my roommate. These are collages by Leigh Ledare. This photo of Matt Keegan is by Annie Ochmanek for a group show I co-curated; and it’s a reversal of an earlier portrait he took of both her and I. The works are stacked because my apartment is a tiny little hole. What you’re missing behind them is an amazing collage of vintage cats.

Stuff I use in the morning include skin products from my beauty ambassador Jen; a cologne I really never use in the morning because I hate it, photo of me with dad and brother Greg on a cliff in Arizona on our most fun family vacation; broken touch screen phone I hate. That’s a portrait of Andrew WK that my friend Milano Chow made for a limited edition poster. I don’t know that I like his music but I enjoy his advice column! Also in the tray, that candle dick is a Spencer Sweeney candle edition.

Sweatshirts! From Left: Traded with my friend JR at a flea market at the bar Max Fish, for a shot of tequila I subsequently bought with a drink ticket; the seams on the sleeves of the grey one have a special name I forgot; The other one reminds me of “START TREK” because the red slashes are on the shoulder.


Usually my T-shirts are flesh-colored and have a little bit mark on the front of the elastic collar. Not these! From Left 1. Gosha Rubchinsky T-shirt; when my friend Emma went to Moscow for Cycles and Seasons I told her to tell him I love him and could marry him. She brought me back this T-shirt, a devotional panel to aliens; and a little booklet he made. 2. AIDS-3D made me this T-shirt, which was a portrait until they made it a vortex or something. Also the ink bled to the back for one-of-a-kind grease stains. 3. River Phoenix T-Shirt by Carlos Valencia. Gay icon, and it kind of looks like he has a tumor, in the drawing.


These jackets are the exact same shape! I never go anywhere without a hood.


I really need glasses, both for my eyes, and my emotions. The sunglasses are from my friend Anna Laub who has a new line Prism.