The Block: Men’s Christmas ’17 Lookbook



Lots of beautiful timeless pieces for men to choose from at The Block to keep you cozy thru the season.

Photos by: Jennifer Latour

Styling + Art Direction by: Redia Soltis

Model: Joel

Assistant Stylist: Monica Berg

Photo Assistant: Julian Hecht

(Produced by 01 Production Agency)

1. Tabac coat jacket by Henrik Vibskov,  Navy blues sweater Oliver Spencer

2. Beige bomber A.P.C., White top by Filippa K, Cabin sweater and denim jeans by A.P.C.

3. Navy blue sweater by Filippa K

4. Derby shoes by Garment Project, Sweater by Filippa K, Pants Bridge & Burn,  Coat by A.P.C.

5. Beanie by A.P.C. , Sweater by  Filippa K

6.Left: Bomber by Oliver Spencer,Hat hat by Fairends, Dark denim jeans by Nudie, Shirt by Universal Works, Shoes Garment Projects/ Bottom Right: Shirt by Universal Works, Suspender by Minimum, Jeans by Nudie

7. Sweater by Suit, Coat and pants by Filippa K

8. Arrow black sweatshirt by A.P.C., Black pants by Globe, Socks by Henrik Vibskov, Black leather sneakers by Filippa K,  Jacket by Oliver Spencer

9. Sweater and jeans by A.P.C.

10. Sweatshirt by Nudie, White t-shirt Filippa K , Light denim jeans by A.P.C., Black sneakers by Filippa K

11. Jacket by Oliver Spencer, Shirt by Minimum, Pants by Globe, Shoes by Filippa K

12. Pants and  matching jacket by Suit, Turtleneck by Minimum, Black leather shoes Filippa K

13. Beanie by Oliver Spencer, Striped shirt A.P.C., Light denim jeans by Nudie, Shoes by Garment Project, Jacket by Filippa K

14. From left to right: Jacket by Minimum, T shirt Universal Works, Black jeans by Nudie, Boots by Garment Project/ Bottom right photo: Black velvet top A.P.C.

15. Beanie by Minimum, Shirt by Suits, Pants by Globe, Shoes by Garment Project


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