Ingo Maurer

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“As a child I wanted to be a juggler or a rope dancer. My dream was that the local circus would hijack me and let me be part of the troupe. Balance is important as much as playing. In our case serious playing with fun and open doors to many things. This year I play balance.”              

Ingo Maurer

Exciting activities brewed around the ICCF, North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design fair earlier this May in New York City. Ingo Maurer’s showroom proves to always stand as one of the highlights in the mix. We had the chance to get a glimpse into classic fixtures, along with newer additions.

Yes! More Maurer, 50 years playing seriously with light. Still searching for technical and aesthetical solutions. This year Ingo plays with balance in poetical expressions. Not to forget the function. Open your mind and get inspired. New additions include:


Keep Balance: Keep Balance is the LED version and a design variation of Ru Ku Ku. Keep Balance poises an LED with a black and white body on and a flat white disk at the two ends of a metal rod. The table lamp has a height of 60 cm and is rotatable through 360°. A joint in the shape of a ring allows adjusting the angle of the horizontal rod.

IMG_2876RU RU KU: “I am addicted to simple things, which do not need much explanation. I am a lightbulb-lover since ever. Playing with eggs, I do already for a long time. It all started with Piero della Francesca.”
Like a pair of balances, Ru Ku Ku poises a clear bulb and a large egg at the two ends of a metal rod. The table lamp has a height of 60 cm and is rotatable through 360°. A joint in the shape of a ring allows adjusting the angle of the horizontal rod. The clear bulb is partly covered with a thin white silicone shade.


FlatterBy: The large bulb with a white ring as shade. The ring is a 3D printed part. Ten hand-made butterfly models flit around the bulb. When choosing the insects for Flatterby, Ingo Maurer picked several black and white butterflies like the Black Swallowtail and the Rice Paper Butterfly but also the Blue Morpho, and a small Brown Moth.



Ringelpiez: is a new floor lamp by Ingo Maurer. A bright halo seems to be hovering in the air. It is supported by a long slender black rod made of carbon fibre. The halo is an  aluminium ring with cleverly integrated LEDs, covered by a diffusor plate. The ring can be fixed both as uplight or downlight, and easily switched from one position to the other thanks to a smart, simple construction. There is no visual noise around the slender pointed rod, the cable is inside.


1000 Karat Blau: is a large impressive pendant lamp with the appearance of a lighting object. The shades, made of gold leaf and acrylic glass, reflect the light again and again and create an extraordinary warm atmosphere. A stunning piece for homes or other places designed to be welcoming and relaxing. As with the smaller 24 Karat Blau, part of Ingo Maurer’s collection since 2005, short-wave blue light passes through the gold molecules, making the filament appear blue. Combine several 1000 Karat Blau to create unique clusters.


Mickey’s Manifesto: INGO MAURER FÜR THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY 2016, Black polished Corian plate with four black, round legs. Mickey Mouse figurines, plastic in red, white and black. When asked to create a piece with figures from the Disney range, Ingo Maurer immediately settled on one of the original Disney characters: Mickey Mouse. The piece is a manifesto for Mickey Mouse, pointing out the enormous influence of the character.



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