Woman: Resort 2017- Jil Sander

Designed as a ‘flexible wardrobe. Jil Sander Resort 17 is inspired by volume and military wear using beautiful natural fibres.

“It’s classic in its essence, but very modern in its aesthetic, and with a fresh take,” explained Paglialunga.

23-jil-sander-resort-17 22-jil-sander-resort-17 21-jil-sander-resort-17 20-jil-sander-resort-17 18-jil-sander-resort-17 16-jil-sander-resort-17 14-jil-sander-resort-17 13-jil-sander-resort-17 12-jil-sander-resort-17 blake lively dress 10-jil-sander-resort-17 09-jil-sander-resort-17 08-jil-sander-resort-17 07-jil-sander-resort-17 04-jil-sander-resort-17 03-jil-sander-resort-17 02-jil-sander-resort-17 01-jil-sander-resort-17

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