Vetements Fall 2016

An assortment of streetwear influences and plays with proportion come together cohesively in Vetements Fall 2016 collection. In a time where discussions are happening around body ideals and skinny vs curvy, Vetements’ dialogue operates in a completely different realm. Doing away with any notion of convention by purposefully creating new and unusual body shapes they celebrate individuality with every look.

_LUC3126 _LUC3142 _LUC3158 _LUC3170 Shop 2016 wedding dresses NZ with discount price _LUC3202 _LUC3220 _LUC3232 _LUC3248 _LUC3260 _LUC3274 _LUC3288 _LUC3306 _LUC3318 _LUC3326 _LUC3340 _LUC3358 _LUC3370 _LUC3382 _LUC3396 _LUC3412 _LUC3426 _LUC3442 _LUC3450 _LUC3464 _LUC3486 _LUC3494 _LUC3502 _LUC3516 _LUC3532 _LUC3549 _LUC3556 _LUC3562 _LUC3578 _LUC3592 _LUC3600 _LUC3614 _LUC3622 _LUC3636 _LUC3647 _LUC3652 _LUC3664 _LUC3680 _LUC3692 _LUC3708 _LUC3722 _LUC3736 _LUC3748 _LUC3764 _LUC3778 _LUC3788 _LUC3792

Photos: Luca Tombolini / via Vogue.comd

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