Tomorrow: Last day of the Newsstand at the MOMA

Tomorrow, March 19 will be the last day to view The Newsstand at the Museum of Modern Art, as part of the “Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015” exhibition. The museum is offering extended hours, until 10pm on Saturday night so you can have a last chance to see it.

The Newsstand is also a book that is coming out this month from Skira/Rizzoli designed by Pau Wau Publications, and text by writer and curator Ken Miller.  This book documents and encapsulates the story of The Newsstand, a pop-up retail space conceptualized and produced by  Lele Saveri in collaboration with  Alldayeveryday.

Purchase here.

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The most comprehensive anthology of contemporary zine culture of New York and beyond, including more than a thousand contemporary artist publications and independently produced zines, books, and artworks. The Newsstand was a pop-up conceptual retail store that transformed an ordinary subway hub into a mecca for independently published magazines, books, comics, and zines. Located within Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Avenue L/G stop in 2013, the temporary space hosted events and art exhibitions in which the artists, acting as guest clerks, were given carte blanche to transform the space. In November 2015, The Newsstand will be re-created and built to scale at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, including the zines and books sold in its original location.The Newsstand catalogue features images of the zines, books, and ephemera sold; documentation of the events and exhibitions; images of the guest clerks and artists; essays by leading cultural figures; and interviews with the publishers, artists, commuters, MTA workers, and police officers influenced by The Newsstand. Designed in the style of a zine, this book documents not only a prolific time within independent publishing, but also the thriving community that supports it.




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