Zioxla x Stephen Eichhhorn : Limited Edition print release-Circle (Gray)

The wonderful creative agency  Zioxla has just released a limited edition of  75 prints by artist Stephen Eichhorn called Circle (Gray). Just in time for Valentines- it is a perfect collector items for lovers or art, design or plants:



flower crowns bridal hair accessories

Circle (Gray) was printed in an edition of 75 with the highest-quality inks on 300 GSM archival paper. Each print is numbered, and guaranteed by the artist with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Eichhorn is a collage artist who selects photos of flowers and foliage from books and magazines, meticulously cuts around their outlines with an X-Acto blade, and then layers them to construct elaborate new compositions. He likens his creations to “paper puzzles,” given the intricate, precise way he arranges the fronds and blossoms so that they overlap and gracefully curve around each other.

Buy the print here.

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