Halloween Night: Stateside Pub- Screening of DickProof 1 + Dickproof 2

Stateside Pub on Commercial Drive is having a Halloween Party + screening of both Dickproof 1 and 2. They will be showing a refresher of the hilarious first movie just so you get the ‘depth’ of the story line, and the new sequel  (release in Vancouver for that night) will follow.

The funny and purposely terrible B grade  movies is a spoof on Death Proof.   Dickproof is a tale of love, vengeance, and terrible acting.  The movies has some award winning extras starring everyone in Vancouver you already know.

The main lead known in the movie as ‘Shitty Man Mike’ will be signing autographs that night and also working the door. See you all there!




What to wear: A costume duh?

Where: Stateside Pub-1601 Commercial Drive

When: Halloween




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