Peter Pilotto Resort 2016

Embroidery, knits and a wonderful collaboration with Ancient Greek Sandals made Peter Pilotto’s resort 2016 collection a perfect mix of intricate and easy going.

peter-pilotto-001-1366 peter-pilotto-003-1366 peter-pilotto-004-1366 peter-pilotto-010-1366 peter-pilotto-011-1366 peter-pilotto-015-1366 peter-pilotto-002-1366 peter-pilotto-008-1366 peter-pilotto-009-1366 peter-pilotto-013-1366 peter-pilotto-014-1366 peter-pilotto-016-1366 peter-pilotto-005-1366 peter-pilotto-006-1366 PROM DRESSES uk peter-pilotto-012-1366

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