Jacquemus Resort 2016

Shot in his family’s country home in the South of France and named after his mother, Valerie, Jacquemus’ Resort 2016 collection feels very personal and beautiful. Love the continuous experimentation with shapes in the clothes and the new (and first) accessories he has added to his collection. Read a great review of his work and inspirations for this collection here.

jacquemus-001-1366 jacquemus-002-1366 jacquemus-003-1366 jacquemus-004-1366 jacquemus-005-1366 jacquemus-006-1366 jacquemus-007-1366 jacquemus-008-1366 jacquemus-009-1366 jacquemus-010-1366 jacquemus-011-1366 jacquemus-012-1366 jacquemus-013-1366 jacquemus-014-1366 jacquemus-015-1366 jacquemus-016-1366 jacquemus-017-1366 jacquemus-018-1366 jacquemus-019-1366 jacquemus-020-1366

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