John Waters has a new art exhibition in London at Sprüth Magers.  Beverly Hills John opened July 1st and will be running until August 15th.

From Sprüth Magers:

Sprüth Magers is delighted to present John Waters’ first ever exhibition in London, Beverly Hills John, a fresh set of affectionate barbs about the movie biz. While he hasn’t lost his mordant wit or sense of mischief, Beverly Hills John finds Waters in a more reflective mood, asking the question: ‘Since celebrity is the only obscenity left in the art world, where do I fit in?’ He also hopes to resolve issues about childhood fame, false glamour, the horrors of nouveau-riche excess, his ongoing sexual attractions and the possible risk of ‘careericide’ with dignity.

After decades of flouting cinematic conventions with movies such as Pink Flamingos (1972) and Hairspray (1988), Waters embarked on his photo-based work in the early 1990s. He might start a work by taking a group of snapshots while watching a movie, often off a TV. He renders these into storyboard-like sequences, transforming favourite or forgotten films into what he calls ‘little movies’. These playful acts of appropriation and juxtaposition create condensed stories or testimonies that never hesitate to revel in the crudest possible taste, while setting off a range of possible new meanings.

If you’re not in London check out photos of the exhibition here.

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