SS16: Saint Laurent

The new Saint Laurent  SS16 menswear collection debuted yesterday paying homage to music, rebellion, and of course youth:

This collection, entitled Surf Sound and subtitled “A Tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture,” was Slimane’s riff on that home turf. Ultimately, it was a Cali-flavored serving of the same thrift shop, music scene, alt-cool ingredients that have been the recipe for Slimane’s commercial and critical (depending on which critic you’re talking to) galvanization of this house.’  Via Style



TWEET_MEN_SS16_3_A2X1130 _A2X1123 _A2X1105 _A2X1100 _A2X1080 _A2X1058 _A2X1046 _A2X1032  _A2X0997 _A2X0987-1 _A2X0987 _A2X0977 _A2X0957 _A2X0942 _A2X0926 _A2X0915 _A2X0887 _A2X0880 _A2X0863 _A2X0848 _A2X0832 _A2X0818 _A2X0801 _A2X0787 _A2X0779 _A2X0757 _A2X0740 _A2X0730 _A2X0717 _A2X0708 _A2X0698 _A2X0685 _A2X0670 _A2X0656  _A2X0619 _A2X0600 _A2X0589 _A2X0568 _A2X0548 _A2X0532 _A2X0512 _A2X0503 _A2X0480 _A2X0463 _A2X0455 _A2X0437 _A2X0417 _A2X0406 _A2X0386 _A2X0373 _A2X0354 _A2X0343 _A2X0329 _A2X0312 _A2X0296 _A2X0280 _A2X0269 _A2X0253 _A2X0238 _A2X0219 _A2X0199 _A2X0179-1 _A2X0179 _A2X0163 _A2X0108 _A2X0088 _A2X0064 _A2X0040 _A2X0014-1

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