May 29th/ June 26th/ July 24th: Group show: The Spring Cleaning

If you are in New York this summer don’t miss the series of renegade style photography group shows at a Chinese laundromat on Elizabeth Street . The first one opens tonight and you can see work by momentous photographers of our generation including Larry Clark, Todd Jordan,  Jerry Hsu, Deanna Templeton,  Nick SethiEd Templeton, and much more. More info about the show here:

The Spring Cleaning is a series of three photography shows taking place in an operating laundromat on New York’s Chinatown / Soho border. Featuring work from some of the most influential photographers of our generation alongside those showing their work for the first time, there is a common bond of wayward youth, freedom, and sexuality running though this body of work. These photos exude energy (lustful, violent, bizarre) – whether they’re depictions of the commonplace and everyday, or moments from a fucked up situation witnessed by a curious eye. The mix of iconic photographers such as Larry Clark shown alongside those fresh out of art school (or not) is, in a way, a leveling of the playing field, as is the choice of a public space such as Elizabeth Street’s “Laundromt”. We hope that by making this work accessible and visible to the community at large, we’re rethinking the idea of an “art show” and who sees them. If anything, we may upset a couple old people in the process. We hope you’ll stop by and see what we’ve put together. Please note there will be no opening receptions. Photographs will be shown for one week beginning each of these three dates: I – MAY 29 II – JUNE 26 III – JULY 24

larry clark the spring cleaning


FEATURING WORK by Larry Clark, Ed Templeton, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Jack Webb, Niall O’Brien, Henry Roy, Cheryl Dunn, Nick Haymes, Benedict Brink, Motoyuki Daifu, Jerry Hsu, Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Todd Jordan, Clare Shilland, Justin Guthrie, Deanna Templeton, Kersti Jan Werdal, Nick Sethi, Winter Vandenbrink, Meshach Falconer Roberts, Maya Handley, Zachary Krevitt, Jake Sigl, Heji Shin.



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