Exhibition Photos:Bellevue Arts Museum:The New Frontier

We went to check out the opening of ‘The New Frontier: Young Designer-Makers In The Pacific Northwest’ at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Seattle.  The show examines the materials, processes, and creative that defines the designer’s practices. Here is some wonderful work that we saw at the show. The show is on until August 16th so if you are in Seattle make sure to check it out!

Ladies And Gentleman Studio (Seattle)

IMG_3619Omer Arbel for Bocci (Vancouver)

IMG_3622 (1)

Calen Knauf  and Conrad Brown for Knauf And Brown (Vancouver)

Greg Papove (Vancouver)


Jason Rens (Portland)

Ladies And Gentleman Studio (Seattle)


Benjamin Klebba for Phloem Studio ( Portland)

IMG_3626Caine Heintzman and Lukas Peet for ANDLIGHT (Vancouver)


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